4Secure Cross Domain Symposium 2016

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13 May 2016

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4Secure Cross Domain Symposium 2016, a show case of data diode technology and novel cyber security solutions.

4Secure have once again booked a fantastic venue in the heart of the capital to showcase the entire range of Owl Computing diode solutions to existing and potential customers and partners.

Building upon our 6-year experience hosting these events, 4Secure are delighted that we have secured one of the period suites within the recently refurbished Imperial War Museum as our venue of choice, offering fantastic views of both the gun turrets and the museums central atrium which is furnished with all manner of interesting exhibits, including aircraft hung from the ceiling.

4Secure will run a number of hands-on live demonstrations throughout the day allowing guests to see and touch the products being showcased. Furthermore, we will provide our guests with an excellent menu and range of alcoholic and soft drinks as the evening draws to a close and the museum closes doors to the public in readiness for a private guided tour to 4Secure guests.

4Secure are joined by Owl Computing who will provide guests attending a thorough overview of the foundation of the technology, their success within various sectors as well as where they will take the technology in the future. This forum also provides our guests a unique opportunity to discuss and steer product development based on their future project requirements.

Checkpoint Software technologies are also in attendance to talk about their Threat Cloud appliance and how they have worked with 4Secure to provide their solution to customers running an air gapped network. We use a data diode to facilitate the necessary updates across the air gap to the Threat Cloud to ensure that network has unrivalled security despite its disconnection from the outside world.

If that wasn’t all, 4Secure has also invited Professor Anthony Glees back for his second guest appearance at one of our events. Professor Glees will talk about the intelligence agencies and the security implications posed following the Brexit decision. It should make for an interesting talk, and as always Professor Glees has an excellent ability to engage with the audience and thrive on the conversation that is inspired by his subject matter.

As well as all that great content, 4Secure will also showcase the 4Secure erase, our standalone hardware based hard disk wiping tool (CESG certified to IAS5 standard), that, crucially requires no additional licensing after the one off procurement cost and the 4Secure examine, our purpose built digital forensic workstation, built by practitioners for practitioners, available as a managed service or a one-off cost, supported by forensic practitioners in the UK.

Attendance is strictly by RSVP to events@www.4-secure.com



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