4Secure Cross Domain Symposium 2017

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19 September 2017

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4Secure Cross Domain Symposium 2017, a show case of data diode technology and novel cyber security solutions.

4Secure have once again booked a fantastic venue in the heart of the capital to showcase the entire range of Owl Computing diode solutions to existing and potential customers and partners.

Building upon our 7-years experience hosting these events, 4Secure are delighted to be returning to to the historic maritime setting of HMS Belfast, venue of our symposium in 2012.

4Secure will run a number of hands-on live demonstrations throughout the day allowing guests to see and touch the products being showcased. Furthermore, we will provide our guests with an excellent menu and range of alcoholic and soft drinks as the evening draws to a close and the museum closes doors to the public in readiness for a private guided tour to 4Secure guests.

4Secure are joined by Owl Computing who will provide guests attending a thorough overview of the foundation of the technology, their success within various sectors as well as where they will take the technology in the future. This forum also provides our guests a unique opportunity to discuss and steer product development based on their future project requirements.

Integration is at the heart of the cross domain solutions provided by 4Secure. We will be showcasing Glasswall and Check Point technologies and how they seamlessly work within the diode solutions.

If that wasn’t all, 4Secure have also invited two guest speakers this year: Prof. Antonis Michalas (http://www.amichalas.com),  Assistant Professor in Cyber Security at Westminster University and Jake Hanrahan (http://www.jakehanrahan.com), Journalist and Filmmaker who has covered recent conflicts including Ukraine and Middle East.

As well as all that great content, 4Secure will also showcase the 4Secure erase, our standalone hardware based hard disk wiping tool (CESG certified to IAS5 standard), that, crucially requires no additional licensing after the one off procurement cost.

Attendance is strictly by RSVP to events@www.4-secure.com

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