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18 September 2020

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After a very unusual end to last term and “locked-down” summer holiday, lots of children (and no doubt parents too) have been excited about going back to school! However, it will be very different for some, especially now working remotely is more of an everyday practice.

As parents, carers and teachers we are all asking the same questions as to how our little ones are keeping safe online, whether at home or in the classroom. So, we wanted to create a handy reference that could be shared with them to give some helpful tips on how to be “Cyber Savvy” for the new term ahead.

It is crucial that we embed cyber security awareness into everyone’s day-to-day routine, today’s youngsters are particularly vulnerable to cyber bullying, exploitation and other online threats.

At 4Secure Ltd. we’re passionate about ensuring the young and most vulnerable in our society are protected. Now, more than ever, we need to give our children the confidence in using technology to maximize their learning opportunities in a cyber secure way!

Give it a go – share and download for your younger ones!



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