Introducing the 4Secure examine forensic workstation. A workstation that is built for examiners by examiners. The 4Secure examine has been designed to work optimally with the best known forensic software whilst giving the examiner the maximum usability in a strong secure platform.

The 4Secure examine was developed to bring to the forensic community a solution that was flexible, fit for purpose and most importantly empowers the analyst to create the forensic platform that they want. The examine offers a powerful, reliable solution to fully supported by 4Secure’s team of technicians.

A strong technical base is not the only part of the examine’s strength. In today’s ever stricter budgetary environments 4Secure offers you the opportunity to either buy the examine outright at a highly competitive price, or they can be supplied to you on a managed service arrangement. Freeing you of your own maintenance and IT refresh process, the flexible program ensures your busy forensic laboratory remains current and operational.

4Secure examine comes with the following features:

  • Hot swappable docking bay for 3.25 and 2.5” drives.
  • Ideal for your evidence cache.
  • Two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port (non write blocked).
  • Two bays for CRU Wiebetech LabDock write blockers.
  • Blu-ray writer.
  • Two hot swappable removable drive bays for 3.25 and 2.5” drives. Ideal for evidence images.
  • Further I/O ports on the rear include RJ45 ethernet, four USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports; one DVI-D, one DisplayPort and one VGA port.

A standard build has the following features:

  • Intel i7 Quad-core
  • 32Gb RAM
  • 120Gb SSD (for OS)

But the only limit is your business need. 4Secure can supply examines with powerful Xeon based processors, increased RAM, lightning speed NVME installed. The build will be as discussed between you and our highly experienced forensic analysts to find the perfect forensic system for you.

The 4Secure examine has been built to work seamlessly with the CRU Wiebetech range of forensic products and comes with a LabDock pre-installed.

Peripherals including monitors, keyboards and mice are available on request. The 4Secure examine has a bare operating system installed and we guarantee no bloatware or other unwanted features.

“As an examiner I was always very particular on how I wanted my workstation to be. The last thing I wanted was to waste time and effort removing unwanted software before installing what I needed. The 4Secure examine is designed to give the examiner a clear framework to build a forensic workstation that the examiner wants” James Metcalfe, Head of Digital Forensics, 4Secure.