4Secure recognise the importance effective Information Assurance (IA) direction plays within an organisation and the increased reliance placed on this to maintain its credibility, operational efficiency, security, integrity and resilience in a competitive market place or sector.

With knowledge gained within the most demanding environments supporting board level security representatives, 4Secure’s expert consultants have extensive experience setting, creating and delivering effective and successful IA concepts, strategies and policies tailored to the individual needs of an organisation with a focus on realism, achievability, compliance guidelines and corporate goals.

Our consultants confidently engage and collaborate with your key organisation stakeholders to support:

  • The definition and implementation of business driven IA Governance models and compliance scheme that integrates robust and effective information risk management into the heart of the operating model.
  • Consultation to guide senior stakeholders on business driven information risk management strategies, policies and practices.
  • Development of new IA controls and/or policies.
  • Development of organisation wide information risk assessment and management techniques, reporting frameworks and/or processes.
  • Auditing and compliance reviews with sector specific security and IA standards/policies, analyse shortfalls and/or capability gaps and advise on proportionate and effective risk management.
  • Collaboration with Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs) and Information Asset Owners (IAOs)
    to define risk appetite and tolerance statements that support business lead priorities and objectives.
  • Development of enterprise risk and threat landscapes/registers using threat and risk modelling to enable informed organisational-wide decision-making.
  • Delivery of strategic and tactical information risk reporting requirements against organisational security principles and outcomes.
  • Assessment of supply chain threats and advising on proportionate and effective IA activities within the context of the organisations risk appetite.

“The evolving cyber landscape and increased reliance on the digital world, has re- enforced the need to embed robust and effective IA into the heart of an organisation. Deploying a holistic security model across the business that supports the prevention, detection and response to current and emerging threats is critical in responding to the cyber and IA challenges of the 21st century.”

Chris Barks, Security and Strategy Director – 4Secure Limited

Our Expert Services

For more than a decade 4Secure have been developing, refining and enhancing our cyber security and information assurance offerings to meet the exacting and ever evolving needs of our customers who face the changing cyber security threat.