Vulnerability Assessment

4Secure recognise the value in understanding how your network looks, where your valuable assets reside and what you do and don’t need to worry about in the short, medium and long term.

Many different cyber security companies offer vulnerability assessment, it’s not an especially difficult task for an industry professional. The value comes from the report, our experts have lived and breathed this industry and understand the importance of getting the right information to the right people in a timely manner to achieve best value and, importantly, enhanced network security.

4Secure engages with you to understand your concerns and requirements, our experts test the network and then take the time to write a tailored report and then present the findings to the key stakeholders in a way that allows maximum benefit by way of prioritised actions.

Our vulnerability assessments are a powerful business tool. We offer a clear, concise and tailored way to mitigate or eliminate your most serious vulnerabilities.


Penetration Testing

It’s unlikely for an IT system to ever be 100% secure, there will always be risks to it. Knowing exactly what your exposure is to a cyber attack allows you to respond accordingly.

Following a vulnerability assessment, organisations wishing to explore the true impact of network vulnerability exploitation can opt for 4Secure’s cyber security team to conduct a full penetration test.

This form of testing can demonstrate the real impact on your business whether financial, or reputational as a result of malicious activity through unauthorised network access.

Once again the majority of value gained from this service is in the presentation of the results. Our security testers will explain to key stakeholders the assets at risk following an attack. This helps shape the organisations risk management approach in order for them to further enhance their security.

Forensics Readiness

To be put simply Forensic Readiness is an appropriate level of capability and response for any organisation to be able to collect, preserve, protect and analyse digital evidence, thus allowing it to be effectively used in any matters either legal, disciplinary or tribunal.

If media has not been handled correctly, any case may be jeopardised. Compliance with a forensic readiness plan will ensure all staff involved in any investigation are aware of the correct procedures to follow when handling digital evidence.

A forensic readiness plan is an important part of a strategic Incident Response plan and 4Secure are able to provide assistance in either offering advice or formulating a Forensic Readiness Plan to ensure any incident, that requires the seizure, handling, secure storage and ultimately acquisition of digital evidence, can be conducted successfully and competently.

Our Expert Services

For more than a decade 4Secure have been developing, refining and enhancing our cyber security and information assurance offerings to meet the exacting and ever evolving needs of our customers who face the changing cyber security threat.