Data Recovery

Smartphones, portable media, laptops, PC’s, etc. Are trusted devices we use to manage and store our documents, photos, videos, emails, etc. The list is endless!

This opens a whole host of risk to the user; valuable photos, videos, documents and personal data are stored meaning loss of access to the device or a hardware failure can mean the loss of all that information.

The 4Secure forensics practitioners have the knowledge and advanced tooling required to discover and obtain the data from all of these devices following certain hardware failures, lockouts or breakages. Meaning that laptop failing to fire up or the phone that was dropped doesn’t spell the end of years of accumulated, valuable data.

Types of devices we can recover from data from:

  • Cameras
  • Externals Hard Disks HDD’s
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • PC’s
  • Macbooks
  • Smartphone, including Android and Apple
  • Removable media (USB sticks, SD Cards)

Our Expert Services

For more than a decade 4Secure have been developing, refining and enhancing our cyber security and information assurance offerings to meet the exacting and ever evolving needs of our customers who face the changing cyber security threat.