Introducing the new Ditto DX Forensic Field Station

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29 September 2016

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“As soon as I powered up the Ditto I was impressed by its intuitive front panel controls. To start a forensic acquisition takes the minimum of interaction. Once I logged in through the powerful web interface and saw the full capability of the Ditto I knew that this would be the first device that would be in my forensic arsenal. Now with native USB 3.0 and high speed logical imaging CRU-Wiebetech have made a great tool even greater” – James Metcalfe, Head of Digital Forensics, 4Secure Limited.

Introducing the new Ditto DX Forensic Field Station

When you are looking for a capable, cost effective forensic imaging solution there are many different products to choose from. But how many can provide the breadth of capabilities that the CRU-Wiebetech Ditto Fieldstation can offer? Fast imaging of Hard Drives, SSDs, NVMe/PCIe, SD and CF cards, network discovery and logical imaging, full logging and auditing features as well as the ability to remotely access and triage networked devices.

Don’t take our word for it read this review from SC Magazine. So how can this be improved?

4Secure are pleased to announce the new CRU-Wiebetech DX Fieldstation. The DX has all the great features that came with the Ditto but with the following user driven enhancements:

  • Native Suspect Inputs: USB 3.0, SATA /eSATA, PATA, Ethernet (iSCSI, NFS, SMB)Ditto-DX Forensic FieldStation
  • Native Outputs: Dual USB 3.0, Dual SATA/eSATA, SD card, and Ethernet (iSCSI, NFS, SMB)
  • A new status bar that is colour coded so you can instantly see the status of the process.
  • Massively improved imaging speeds: The Ditto DX now images logically at twice the speed of Ditto, saving you precious time on imaging large data storage areas. SSD to SSD imaging is also doubled.

The Ditto DX retains the same hardwearing fanless casing, allowing the covert application of the DX. The multiple data acquisition formats:. E01; clone; dd all of which is backed up by MD5,SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing makes it a formidable forensic tool. The powerful web interface has been improved and still allows the full preview of remote attached devices; discover files by file type; multiple accounts to fully control the users’ interaction with the DX.

Contact us today for the opportunity to learn more about Ditto DX.

Ditto DX Overview Video


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