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4 August 2021

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4Secure Message Queue Transport (4MQT) FAQs

Does 4MQT act as an AMQP/MQTT broker?

No, 4MQT contains a set of producer and consumer tools that are configured to consume from and publish to flanking message brokers.

Does 4MQT cache messages?

No, 4MQT is a greedy consumer and will consume 1 message at a time and then immediately forward the message.

Can 4MQT be used to implement failover/HA?

Yes, in some circumstances 4MQT can be used in order to facilitate a failover configuration of AMQP/MQTT. Multiple OPDS appliances with an identical 4MQT configuration can be provisioned and in the very rare case of appliance failure, live redundant systems continue consuming from the source broker and publishing to the destination brokers.

Does 4MQT support multiple simultaneous brokers and broker types?

Yes, a single instance of 4MQT can support multiple concurrent AMQP and MQTT configurations using a single OPDS appliance.

Does 4MQT have a GUI?

No, there is a single configuration file for the application.

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