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TrustedFilter™ Bi-Directional Transfer (4BDT™) FAQs

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4 August 2021

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Can 4BDT be installed on a single OPDS?

Yes, however a second OPDS is required to return traffic to.

Can 4BDT be used in conjunction with other software?

Yes, 4BDT is typically used with 4XJS to secure inbound and outbound comms, however 4SFT and 4MQT can be used alongside 4BDT if required.

Is a bi-directional implementation of the OPDS with 4BDT less secure?

Yes, however other 4Secure applications such as 4XJS can be utilised to secure inbound and outbound comms to ensure only allowed traffic is able to cross the network boundary.

Does 4BDT have a GUI?

No, there is a single configuration file for the application.