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6 May 2022

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Information sharing is a key and critical component of modern tactical systems and enabling this in a safe and secure manner is often thought of as extremely difficult. The ability to cooperate between different coalition partners, organisations, or teams due to geographical constraints, classification and restrictions on connecting to partner systems is often hindered. 4Secure has developed an all-in-one solution that facilitates collaboration in a single workspace.


Utilising eight OWL Cyber Defense data diodes (OPDS-100D), mounted in a custom-built enclosure designed to fit in a tactical pelican case, this solution enables partners and teams to share information from multiple disparate networks, using 4Secure’s TrustedFilter™ software suite to perform advanced content filtering and boundary protection, into a single communications node.

Whether for management and monitoring or for information sharing, the solution presents an organisation with the ability to tailor the information they produce, send it across the network boundary to a shared system, with the absolute certainty that:

• There is no ability for operators on the shared system to access information that has not been explicitly shared and transferred across the uni-directional gateway

• There is physical separation between the eight separate input gateways.

Hardware Solution

The OPDS-100D is a one-way data transfer solution built on patented data diode technology. It features a compact, vertical form factor with a DIN rail mounting system. The OPDS-100D is typically deployed at the edge of an operational network and contains the proprietary Owl data diode technology, that physically allows data to flow in one direction. Data generated within a system is transferred across network boundaries to remote users for monitoring, production, and information sharing activities.

The OPDS-100D is a low SWaP data diode solution and capable of supporting 104Mbps of throughput, the OPDS- 100D supports the one-way transfer of multiple functions simultaneously. As an example it can, transfer files and images, stream video, send email alerts, transfer SNMP traps and Syslog messages, and support remote HMI screens. No competing product on the market offers the same range of capabilities in a single, easily deployable device.

DIN Rail Enclosure

4Secure have designed and developed a rigid enclosure that allows eight OPDS-100D’s to be installed in close-proximity. Consideration was given to maximising the limited space available, by utilising custom fixings and mounting brackets to enable optimum heat dissipation, cable management and power unit placement. All with the ultimate goal of maintaining the ability to meet rigorous field deployable requirements and an architecture required to enable partner integration.


4Secure TrustedFilter™ framework is a set of software tools designed to enhance any OPDS platform, enabling a full cross-domain solution. TrustedFilter™ is designed and utilised to enable syntactic checking of data prior to crossing the uni-directional gateway, performing data-loss prevention, ensuring only authorised data is allowed to leave its host network.

TrustedFilter™ framework supports multiple protocols and data types, including but not limited to; XML and JSON schema validation within TCP streams and HTTP requests, granular HTTP request filtering, TLS termination, AMQP/MQTT and file transfer with enhanced content inspection (file-type checks, manifest checks and third-party filtering scripts).

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