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24 November 2020

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4Secure are proud to announce that we are working together with another fabulous charity, Laptops 2 Kids.

Every day there are children at home isolating without the technology needed to access their school work. No child should be left behind with their education just because they need to isolate. Unfortunately, this is a big issue in Herefordshire – but it can be easily fixed with your help.

Laptops 2 Kids are reaching out to all businesses and individuals asking them to donate any unused laptops and other digital devices. The charity are working with local authorities in Herefordshire to identify and prioritise the schools with the greatest need. They will then ensure the devices are passed onto children at home isolating, who do not currently have access to the technolody needed to continue their education.

The computers we need are already here – There are thousands of old, unused laptops sitting at the back of your office on or a shelf gathering dust! These are just what we need and this is where you can help!

Have you had a tech refresh recently and don’t know what to do with your old devices? What could be better than donating these to help Herefordshire children in need?

Are you worried about what will happen to the data on the hard drives if you do donate your laptops? Don’t worry, this is where our 4Secure erase comes in! 4Secure have agreed to provide the charity with as many 4Secure erases as they need to wipe all donated laptops, assuring companies that the equipment they donate is being wiped securely and safely to HMG IAS5 standards. Using the 4Secure erase will guarantee 100% secure disk erasure!

Laptops 2 Kids appreciate any donation no matter how big or small. So, even if you wish to donate your old computer, but want to keep the hard drives – that’s no problem either, they will add new ones!

Pop your old laptop in the post today and together we can fix this.

“Education is the most powerful weapon our children need to build a brighter future, so let’s strengthen that support and help keep our Herefordshire children on track.”

Want to get involved? Please contact 4Secure using the contact form below, or alternatively email Tim and John direct at: laptops2kids@johnfinchcomputers.co.uk

For any other information on this project, please go to the Laptops 2 Kids page


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