• Through our ten years experience in the industry our consultants have had to assist many organisations through various incidents that have posed threats to their operation, profitability and continuity. Using this experience and industry standards 4Secure can offer a range of services that allow organisations to respond to incidents. These services can be tailored to your system and your requirements and have three levels of response to suit your organisational needs.

    • Gold – 24/7 365 within 12 hours on site, phone within an hour
    • Silver – Mon – Fri 0800 – 2000, within 2 working days, phone within two hours*
    • Bronze – Mon- Fri 0900 – 1730, within 5 working days on site, phone within four hours*


    *Excludes public holidays.

    No two systems are the same so our engagement begins with our expert consultants visiting you, taking time to fully understand your system, its size, security resilience level, it’s intricacies and how you use it. From this we, and importantly you are fully briefed and prepared on the best course of action should an incident occur. At this time, areas of improvement on your network will be highlighted, allowing you to be preventative by hardening these areas.

  • Almost all organisations are in a position where they’re at risk of cyber attack and need to understand the security issues that occur on their network to avoid any impact on their business.

    Security Operations Centres (SOC) are deployed in many companies as a central unit that monitors and deals with all security issues on the infrastructure, these centres have a high impact on budgets and resourcing. Many SMEs do not have budget, capability or time to run their own security operations centre.

    4Secure’s VEILLANTTM Security Operations Centre (CIC) was launched in 2019 to give both public sector clients and SMEs visibility of critical security incidents enabling them to react and respond accordingly to limit their exposure to cyber attack, data theft and reputational damage.

    From our highly secure facility, we collect, process and analyse your system event data to identify and alert upon attempted cyber intrusions. With comprehensive reporting and information available via a secure portal, VEILLANTTM provides timely and actionable intelligence to help you defend against, and respond to, the threats to your organisation.

    For more information on VEILLANTTM or to arrange a consultation on how our managed Security Operations Centre can help reduce your exposure to cyber risk and financial penalties, contact us.

  • Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning has always been important in businesses but since the digital age it is critically important for business to be prepared for the worst. The inherent reliance upon information systems means that businesses are not only at risk from environmental disasters, acts of god but also cyber incidents that can cripple a business.

    4Secure take time to understand your business, identify what your critical digital assets and systems are to effectively create* or review a disaster recovery and businesses continuity strategy that allows effective and continuous operation should the worst happen.

    Our DR and BC managed service creates the right plan of action for your organisation should the worst happen and is available with three different options:

    • Gold – Full secure hot spare location with resilient onsite working for skeleton staff to remain operational or recovery
    • Silver – offsite fall back facility
    • Bronze – secure off-site backup facility


    * Creation of a DR and BC plan can be incorporated into the annual cost if your organisation doesn’t already have one.

  • An increased reliance is placed upon digital systems, they form the way in which modern business work, a key component to the reliability of systems and the business’ operation is security. Organisations rely on the availability of information yet would suffer irreparable damage if sensitive data such as intellectual property, mission critical information or customer information was leaked or lost.

    Most organisations hold their most secure information on a higher security domain but still require access to those systems. This means a cross-domain security solution needs to be deployed. These can be highly complex solutions that require expert knowledge and technology investment that can be a stumbling block for organisations that do not have the initial outlay or expertise in house.

    4Secure has years of experience deploying this type of system and has developed a cross-domain managed service as a way of reducing initial outlay and the effort of finding expertise to deploy and manage the system.

    4Secure starts with an initial consultation to understand the project requirements, from this we can recommend the appropriate technology, deploy that technology and work with any accreditor to get the system approved for use.

    Moving forwards 4Secure will manage the system, all updates, hardware failures and modifications are covered in a monthly payment tailored to your exact requirements.

    Our cross-domain managed service is highly individualised and tailored to exact requirements, please speak to 4Secure for further details.

  • Ensuring your supply chain maintains its integrity is crucial to on-going customer relations and sales. If a security flaw in the supply chain was compromised it could cause irrecoverable damage to both the customer and supplier.

    4Secure has developed appropriate skills to consult and advise customers on how to protect their supply chain. We have spent time and effort developing our own tried and tested secure supply method so some businesses trust us to manage this entire process for them.

    4Secure’s highly skilled team engage with the customer to understand exactly what they’re supplying, where any components come from and what information is shared along the way. 4Secure can then manage how best to protect that information and isolate the customer and suppliers from any potential breach based on a three level system:

    • Level 1 – Be a point of reference to consult on all supply chain issues for the customer
    • Level 2 – Create and manage the supply chain process for the customer
    • Level 3 – Manage the supply chain process on behalf of the customer and supplier to limit exposure to risk
  • The evolving cyber threat and reliance on ICT systems in a digitally connected world has emphasised the need for agile, effective, embedded, through life risk management and information assurance/cyber activities.

    A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) plays an important role in any organisation and can be a useful tool to steer and guide your corporate regulatory, governance and security compliance in line with the ever-increasing cyber threat organisations face.

    Employing a full time CISO can be a luxury and often push the limits of budget for smaller organisations; therefore 4Secure offers a Virtual CISO by way of a managed service. Many organisations enjoy the benefits of this managed service as it reduces overheads but still provides the level of expertise and security of having a full time CISO.

    Unlike a call-off contract or buying expensive one-off consultancy your personally assigned CISO will maintain regular contact with business owners and key players as well as monitoring your industry trends to keep fully abreast of changes that affect your organisation and its cyber security focus.

    Having full contact and sight of your infrastructure means our CISO can advise you intelligently rather than an ad-hoc consultant talking generally without a full understanding of your individual needs.

    4Secure’s virtual CISO offering is designed to alleviate the pressure from organisations by simplifying the process and allowing the delivery of a proportionate, effective and fully managed information security regime within the business.  4Secure’s virtual CISO program sets achievable goals based on the organisations risk appetite, embedding the following core activities to enhance your cyber security maturity;

    • Risk Management
    • Security Policies
    • Training and awareness
    • Compliance and audit
    • Disaster recovery
    • Business continuity
    • Asset management
    • Supply chain Security
    • Incident management
    • Stakeholder management (board level engagement)
  • Maintaining the security and resilience of business critical systems against the backdrop of an evolving cyber threat and continual development of more advanced ICT systems is an intensive task without considering the ever-evolving regulatory compliance requirements that are enforced throughout industry.

    4Secure recognises the pressure put on organisations both large and small to stay on top and has developed a managed service designed to work alongside your teams efforts to ensure you maintain compliance, security and operational effectiveness.

    4Secure dedicate effort to learning your industry sector, your business and unique requirements. Our expert consultants work alongside you to keep you up to date on the latest compliance requirements and how any changes affect you and the way you operate in order for us to seamlessly guide you through the changes you need to make to maintain conformity.

    Having this additional level of resource allows you the time and effort required to maintain operational efficiency, with the confidence that your assurance and compliance needs are being fully managed/serviced by 4Secure. As part of this managed service your organisation will benefit from a range of tailored services including;

    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Penetration Testing
    • PCI Approved Scanning ASV
    • Compliance Audits
    • ISO27001 Audits
    • IT health check
    • Regulatory compliance expertise
    • Red Teaming
  • Arguably one of the biggest risks to any network or organisation is insider threat, the idea that a member of staff can unknowingly or maliciously cause impact to the IT system resulting in a security incident.

    4Secure recognise the importance of people when building and maintaining robust and effect security cultures and behaviours and have developed a range of educational courses designed to teach a range of people, from simple cyber security awareness all the way to a senor IA practitioner.

    It is becoming common-place within industry to educate personnel in order to reduce the risk of cyber incident through insider threat. As such 4Secure have developed a managed service tailored to sit alongside an organisations existing training programs and focus specifically on educating staff on cyber security.

    Rather than procure ad-hoc training as and when employees join or develop their career, 4Secure’s managed training service aligns with the organisations industry centric topics and associated cyber security risks.

  • The ability to recover data or forensically capture data is a common requirement amongst most modern organisations and law enforcement.

    With the constant development of new devices and how these devices interconnect and store information it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a permanent team with all of the appropriate skills to adapt and respond to different incidents.

    4Secure offer a range of one-off ad-hoc forensic and recovery services to suit most business and law enforcement needs but also have a number of managed service offerings or a complete package than can provide a remote forensics response and recovery capability or buffer the existing skill set of your own forensic readiness team.

    The advantage to a 4Secure managed service is that our forensics team becomes yours and will get to know your business and your requirements, allowing us to quickly respond to any incident. Our existing customers enjoy a fast reactive approach and our ability to provide exactly what’s required without the need for individual scoping or escalated costs normally associated with a reactive ad-hoc service provision.

    Our managed service offering can be available with a selection, one of, or all the following:

    • Mobile telephone data recover and forensic investigation
    • Vehicle in car entertainment (ICE) data capture and investigation
    • GPS data capture and investigation
    • Removable media (USB drives, etc.) data recovery and forensic investigation
    • Chip off/JTAG circuitry analyses for forensic data investigation
    • Computer based evidence recovery including Windows, Linux and Mac


    Our services can be available with three different response levels as follows;

    • Gold – 24/7 365 within 12 hours on site, phone within an hour
    • Silver – Mon – Fri 0800 – 2000, within 2 working days, phone within two hours*
    • Bronze – Mon- Fri 0900 – 1730, within 5 working days on site, phone within four hours*


    *Excludes public holidays.

Our Expert Services

For more than a decade 4Secure have been developing, refining and enhancing our cyber security and information assurance offerings to meet the exacting and ever evolving needs of our customers who face the changing cyber security threat.