New Product – The Ditto x86 has been released!

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14 January 2021

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We are excited to announce that CRU have released the Ditto x86!

Did you know 4Secure are a UK re-seller for CRU Data Security Group (CDSG) Wiebetech digital forensic products?

Ditto x86 is the most portable way to capture evidence from suspect computers in a forensically sound way and now comes in USB form!

The Ditto x86 is a USB device that harnesses the power of a suspect device to boot into the same forensically sound Ditto environment, as pioneered by our stand-alone Ditto and Ditto DX forensic investigation devices. It be operated using either a GUI called KIOSK Mode or without one, which mimics the front panel on the larger Ditto and Ditto DX Forensic Fieldstation models.

You can store the evidence you collect on the Ditto x86 SE’s 2TB of built-in storage.The analysis of data recovered from digital media may be the vital evidence you need as part of an internal investigation, a breach of data, assurance of information or infiltration of your network.

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