4SP69 and TrustedFilter


Envisioned to meet the needs of operators to securely interface with critical systems and applications, 4SP69 embodies current next generation, man-portable, secure cross-domain communications. 4SP69 extends the capabilities of conventional field deployable communication solutions whilst guarding those secure systems.

Designed to satisfy the requirements of extremely diverse and strategic missions, 4SP69 is a robust, agile and portable solution. Containing an accredited cross domain solution, in its class offering customer driven size weight and power ratios. The 4SP69 provides a uniquely flexible answer to real-world security problems for seeking data exfiltration from critical infrastructure applications in restricted environments.

4SP69 houses 2 security enhanced, embedded flanking Servers to process and encrypt the data, with an OWL MPDS card set which facilitates the multiple, concurrent, one-way data streams.


  • Highly ruggedised, bi-directional, cross-domain data transfer (man-portable SWaP).
  • Hot-swappable battery for field deployable capability.
  • One-way data transfer or network segregated Bi-directional.
  • Extendable software capability with Trusted Filter and bespoke filtering modules.
  • Transfer rate up to 100mbp/s (Transfer speed – Field upgradable)

Hardware specifications:

  • 4GB RAM.
  • 32GB internal Storage.
  • MPDS card set – up to 100mbp/s data transfer.
  • 4Secure Enhanced operating system (in development).

Software Features:

  • Hourly file integrity check (SHA256 checksum)
  • Wide protocol support
  • Simple configuration management (dialog menus).

The ease of integration of the Owl product range is further enhanced by 4Secure’s TrustedFilterTM framework. TrustedFilter® augments SNTS by enabling advanced content filtering and protocol handling.

Current components in the TrustedFilterTM framework include:


A high performance file transfer application that runs as a service on external Windows or Linux flanking operating systems. 4SFTTM employs an easy to use GUI which facilitates simple and efficient setup of folder and file level replication, re-scans nominated directories every 30 milliseconds and uses file compression for unparalleled performance.

An AMQP and MQTT transfer utility enabling an Owl diode to be seamlessly implemented into a Message Queue (MQ) architecture, providing a hardware enforced protocol break, without impacting the connection-aware producer-consumer environment.  4MQTTM delivers full MQ fault-tolerant connectivity and scales with the enterprise.

An XML and JSON streaming utility that enables XML and JSON files to be seamlessly transferred as a TCP stream across the Owl diodes with full validation against a range of approved schema definition files.  Offering higher throughput than native file transfer 4XJSTM is simple to configure and maintain and provides full audit logging for security management.  Enhanced options include:

  • Query String Filtering:
  • This Trusted Filter mode uses a custom schema that allow scanners to check and filter HTTP POST data web-form fields, URL query string fields, HTTP header fields and user defined restrictions on HTTP request methods.

  • TCP-XML Sec:
  • A Trusted Filter mode that facilitates signature verification and stripping on signed XML payloads prior to further schema validation.  Messages can also have their signature information removed, prior to cross domain transfer.

Offers Base64 de-serialisation and inspection of data against an AVRO schema to support lean message transfer requirements over low-bandwidth networks (e.g. dismounted soldier applications).