Trusted Filter Framework

4Secure’s TrustedFilterTM Framework offers advanced content filtering and protocol handing solutions for highly efficient and business-enabling cross domain data transfers. 

With “on box” integration options across the Owl product range, TrustedFilterTM; offers customers the ability to streamline and augment cross domain data transfers, facilitating end-to-end secure connectivity and interoperability.

4Secure’s TrustedFilter Framework is a compendium of software developed to enhance the outstanding security of OWL Data-Diode technology.  The current framework components are:


A high performance file transfer application that runs as a service on external Windows or Linux flanking operating systems. 4SFT employs an easy to use GUI which facilitates simple and efficient setup of folder and file level replication, re-scans nominated directories every 30 milliseconds and uses file compression for unparalleled performance.

4SFT features include:

  • High speed, cross-platform file transfer designed for integration with OWL Perimeter Defence Solutions.
  • One-click install on Windows and Linux platforms for easy deployment.
  • Intuitive cross-platform GUI for hassle-free configuration on file transfer endpoints.
  • Built-in REST API and command- line interface for advanced configuration and deployment throughout your infrastructure.
  • Secure credential-container for application specific, authenticated file-transfer.



Offers AMQP and MQTT transfer utility enabling an Owl diode to be seamlessly implemented into  Message Queue (MQ) architectures, providing a hardware enforced protocol break, without impacting the connection-aware producer-consumer environment. 4MQT delivers full MQ fault-tolerant connectivity and scales with the enterprise.

4MQT features include:

  • High speed transfer utility for the integration of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) into a one way enforced cross-domain environment.
  • TCP message transfer to maintain fault tolerance at either side of the network boundary.
  • Supports for the full suite of queue and exchange types within Message Queueing implementations.
  • Simple installation and configuration scripts ensuring portability and ease of integration into already existing Message Queueing infrastructures.



Is an XML and JSON streaming utility that enables XML and JSON files to be seamlessly transferred as a TCP stream across one-way links or diodes with full validation against a range of approved schema definition files.  With a significantly faster throughput than native file transfer 4XJS is simple to configure and maintain and provides full audit logging for security management. Enhanced options include:

  • Query String Filtering – this TrustedFilter mode uses a custom schema that allow scanners to check and filter HTTP POST data web- form fields; URL query string fields; HTTP header fields and user defined restrictions on HTTP request methods.
  • TCP-XML Security – a TrustedFilter mode that includes signature verification (and stripping) on signed XML payloads prior to further schema validation. Messages can also have their signature information removed, prior to cross-domain transfer.



Enables air-gapped networks to receive software updates via the Windows Software Update Service (WSUS).  4SSU allows updates to be downloaded on an internet-facing system, as normal.  These updates are then extracted and securely transferred using the highly performant RFTS protocol to the air-gapped network where they are imported into a dedicated and isolated WSUS service.  Updates are then made available to systems connected to the air-gapped network automating what would alternatively be a risky and user intensive task.



Also known as 4SFT v2.0, 4MCP is a high performance, multi-channel file transfer application for Enterprise data platforms.  A simple to install service runs onboard an OPDS server solution and enables full utilisation of available bandwidth to stably and swiftly transfer large files.

4MCP features include:

  • User-friendly menu system to make configuration of the send and receive application components simple and easy.
  • Stable, high speed file transfer designed to move very large files between domains utilising an OPDS enterprise server solution with the v7 Communication card set.
  • Multi-layer logic to maintain and verify the integrity of data at multiple stages of the file transfer workflow.
  • Intelligent, channel based data dissemination and rate limiting to allow 4MCP to seamlessly run alongside numerous additional data transfer applications in enterprise environments.
  • Compatible with the full OPDS product range, recommended for use on enterprise server solutions.
  • Enables all aspects of Enterprise-to-Cloud (public, private, hybrid) data transfer and integration.


With easily extensible and configurable, platform agnostic, software modules that can be used onboard OWL OPDS products or as standalone tools in all infrastructures, 4Secure’s TrustedFilter framework is a well-established platform that is continually evolving to solve the most complex cross-domain data pipeline challenges. To find out more, please contact us.