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Connecting the Disconnected

Cross-Domain Security


For over two decades, 4Secure has specialised in cyber security consultancy, emerging as subject matter experts in Cross-Domain Solutions. But what does this really mean? 4Secure move clients data securely and seamlessly between secure environments that would otherwise be disconnected, thereby enabling clients to access their data, when and where they need it. Implementing cross-domain solutions empowers users, freeing up time to fully harness intelligence, thereby maximising potential and increasing organisational efficiency. As an integrator of cross-domain solutions, 4Secure’s consultative approach utilises hardware, software, and trusted partners, to deliver feature-rich solutions to the most challenging use-cases. 4Secure’s extensive track record in delivering cross-domain solutions spans across government, defence, intelligence, finance, and multinational enterprises. Information Assurance remains at the core of 4Secure’s approach.

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What are Cross Domain Solutions?

In its simplest form, Cross-Domain Solutions (CDS) refer to a set of architectural techniques and supporting technologies designed to create secure and fast connections between environments operating at different security classifications.

Cross-domain solutions serve as powerful business enablers, enhancing organisational efficiency by empowering users to have on-demand access to their data. The end-to-end solution facilitates the flow of information unidirectionally or bi-directionally, mitigating the risk of cyber-attacks and data leakage.

4Secure’s cross-domain solutions are compiled of three parts: hardware, software, and expertise.

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4Secure provides cross-domain cyber security solutions to any business that cares about its data, across all industries.

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Our work spans across industries as diverse as telecommunications to government contracting, from banking and military applications to SMEs and somewhere in between.


Providing your business with security assurance, delivered by decades of experience and qualification.

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Providing your business with security assurance, delivered by decades of experience and qualification.

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