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Connecting the Disconnected

Cross-Domain Security


About 4Secure

For over two decades, 4Secure has specialised in cyber security consultancy, emerging as subject matter experts in Cross-Domain Solutions.

4Secure’s innovative cross-domain solutions allow clients to access their data securely and seamlessly by connecting environments operating at different security classifications that would otherwise be disconnected.


Cross-Domain Solutions

Cross-domain solutions (CDS) combine hardware and software to securely transfer data between environments operating at different security classifications that otherwise remained isolated. 

This empowers organisations to fully harness data intelligence and increase their organisational efficiency. Cross-Domain Solutions can be unidirectional or bidirectional.

Why Organisations Require
Cross-Domain Solutions

Cross-domain solutions are an essential tool for organisations that require secure data access and transfer in a cross domain environment – allowing devices of different security levels to communicate across boundaries without violating security policies.

Lower total cost of ownership

Streamline your operations and cut costs by replacing time-consuming manual data import processes with Cross Domain Solutions (CDS).

Increasing data security standards

Our solutions are designed around highly assured hardware and software to ensure compliance with the most stringent information assurance standards.

Enchanced Collaboration

Cross-domain solutions faciliate secure and seamless information exchange across various organisational domains, thus enabling teams to access critical data at any moment.

4Secure’s Cross-Domain Approach

4Secure’s Cross-Domain Solutions combine architectural techniques and supporting technologies to create secure and fast connections between environments operating at different security classifications.

Secure by Design Architecture

4Secure collaborates with industry partners to acquire specialised hardware-enforced data diodes and other security devices.

Secure Data Transfer

4Secure’s proprietary TrustedFilter™ Software Suite offers feature-rich functionality for handling data types and performing content filtering in a Cross-domain solution.

Implemented by Experts

4Secure’s team has been continually developing their cross-domain capability for over 15 years and has an in-house information assurance team and software development team.

Supports Governments, Corporations and Critical Infrastructure

4Secure’s extensive track record in delivering cross-domain solutions spans across government, defence, security, finance, and other multinational enterprises. Information Assurance remains at the core of 4Secure’s approach.

Accredited as Cross-Domain Experts

Providing your business with security assurance, delivered by decades of experience and qualification.

Trusted By SMEs
and Corporates

4Secure provides cross-domain cyber security solutions to organisations and industries where data security is key.

Secure & Tested Procurement Routes

Delivering supply chain assurance, backed by a wealth of experience and qualifications.

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