We're an agile and innovative cyber security company based in Northampton, UK. We've been providing world-leading cyber security solutions to organisations across the globe since 2003.

4Secure Team

4Secure is home to a committed team of people who strive to deliver the very best for our customers, suppliers and peers. You’ll get to know our experienced information security professionals by name, and they will provide innovative solutions that reflect the realities of your day-to-day. Think of us as a trusted partner who can guide you through the measures needed to counter and respond to the most sophisticated and targeted cyber security threats.

We align with the old adage of being small enough to care, but big enough to deliver. This mantra is understood by our customers, and we are the preferred supplier for many large organisations

Peter Hoinville

Managing Director , 4Secure

Agile, Innovative Security

Our size means we can be agile, adaptable and quick off the mark for our customers, which is exactly what you need in the event of a cyber security incident. Most importantly, our customers know who to speak to throughout the entire lifecycle of a project and can build genuine rapport.

4Secure is about people, reliability, flexibility, agility and the ability to deliver time and time again, whatever the scale and whatever the task.

4Secure Purpose

We live in a time with an increasing reliance on technology and fully connected digital worlds, which means an evolving cyber threat landscape. 4Secure exists to provide agile, effective and fully embedded cyber security expertise that maintains reliable IT systems and ensures business or mission continuity.

One-size-fits-all packages are not in the 4Secure repertoire. Our services are proportionate and conducted to suit the context of your business’ requirements, threat level and risk appetite or tolerance level. We can proactively manage your cyber security efforts or work with an existing team to offer experienced knowledge and support at a moment’s notice.

As we rapidly approach our 20th anniversary, it is the collective effort of our team and the high esteem of our customers that has helped us to thrive in a competitive industry.

4Secure Values

As a company we remain committed to our core principle of being a security rather than IT company. We strive to deliver excellence across a vast array of business profiles and operational systems for government, defence and commercial sectors across the UK and Europe.


From our corporate strategy to our people, 4Secure has honesty and transparency at its heart. This means long lasting relationships with partners and customers alike.


We are small but mighty. We support and respect our colleagues and work collectively to achieve our and your goals. We embrace a healthy competitiveness and strive to push ourselves to all be better within our #OneTeam.


Being small allows us to move decisively and swiftly without compromising our integrity. Our processes are lean and reduce room for error or delay.


We conduct processes, data handling and record-keeping properly to ensure, as far as possible, that tasks are “right the first time”. If we do make errors, we learn from our mistakes and refine our processes to avoid repetition.

4Secure Future Vision

Our vision is to cascade our knowledge and systems to the world, creating a space that is safe, secure and resilient no matter what the cyber threat landscape.

What will the digital world look like in 10-, 20- or 30-years’ time? At 4Secure, our long-term aspirations are to adapt and move with the cyber security landscape as it evolves, using all the knowledge we have today and shaping it to suit future threats and technologies. This means 4Secure will play an important role for our clients both now and in the coming decades as we keep pace with change.

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