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OT / Industrial Control Systems Compliance

Securing OT / Industrial Control Systems for Compliance

Governments, customers, and shareholders are placing growing emphasis on adherence to regulations, standards, and best practices. The repercussions of non-compliance, including penalties, can be substantial, and inadequately designed compliance programs may incur considerable costs.

4Secure Solutions for OT and IT Compliance Systems

4Secure’s TrustedFilter solutions offer a cybersecurity level that not only meets but surpasses compliance requirements set by regulations and standards. The robustness of 4Secure’s security measures extends to future regulations that have not yet been implemented.

IEC 62443 Compliance

Although numerous cybersecurity standards have achieved success in enterprise IT settings, the ISA/IEC 62443 standards were specifically designed to tackle security challenges distinct to industrial automation and control systems (IACS) and operational technology (OT). Consequently, these standards can serve as a highly valuable asset for organisations aiming to enhance defences and mitigate risks in specialized industrial systems. 4Secure’s TrustedFilter solutions are tailored to comply with the IEC requirements, establishing a secure perimeter between the ICS and the corporate network to guarantee safe visibility.


NIS2 carries substantial implications for professionals in Operational Technology (OT), particularly within critical infrastructure sectors. While the directive’s focus on Information Technology (IT) systems may be somewhat perplexing, it is essential for OT professionals to acquaint themselves with the pivotal articles, formulate robust cybersecurity policies, and engage in collaboration with pertinent government entities to ensure adherence and mitigate risks. 4Secure’s TrustedFilter solutions are specifically designed to align with NIS2 directives, creating a secure boundary between Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the corporate network to ensure secure visibility.

NIST SP 800-82

NIST SP 800-82 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology offers extensive guidance on safeguarding Industrial Control Systems (ICS) through various methods. The document outlines fundamental network architectures and ICS components. 4Secure’s TrustedFilter solutions are specifically designed to adhere to NIST requirements, creating a secure boundary between the ICS and corporate network to ensure secure visibility.

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4Secure’s solutions are trusted by Critical Infrastructure organisations worldwide. They provide key stakeholders with visibility into the organisation’s most critical data while ensuring compliance, preventing both known and unknown threats, and safeguarding the supply chain.

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