Send OT data to the cloud

Securely Send OT Data to the Cloud

Integrating OT system data with the cloud brings numerous advantages, but it also poses various risks when executed without proper precautions. 4Secure’s Air Gapped Gateways enable a hardware-enforced one-way link to securely send data to the cloud. This ensures a secure and impenetrable method of transmitting critical monitoring data from the ICS/OT environment to the cloud, providing stakeholders with enhanced visibility

4Secure Solutions for Sending OT Data in the Cloud

4Secure’s Unidirectional Security Gateways act as a physical air gapped barrier, preventing malware attacks from reaching the safeguarded OT network. This ensures a safe and secure means of having visibility of critical sensors in the OT network from the Cloud.

Secure File Import and Export

Automated transfer of files between sensitive isolated networks

Unidirectional Appliances / Data Diodes

Hardware enforced one-way transfer between air gapped networks

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4Secure’s solutions are trusted by Critical Infrastructure organisations worldwide. They provide key stakeholders with visibility into the organisation’s most critical data while ensuring compliance, preventing both known and unknown threats, and safeguarding the supply chain.

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