Born from the most demanding security challenges, TrustedFilter™ is the battle-tested data transfer and filtering software solution for cloud computing, next generation firewalls and data diodes.

TrustedFilter™ Software Suite

TrustedFilter™ has the capability to enable the seamless and secure flow of data on-demand between environments that would otherwise remain disconnected. Facilitating the movement of files and data across varying security classifications empowers organisations to bridge the gap, thereby enhancing user productivity and organisational efficiency.

4Secure’s TrustedFilter™ Software Suite is comprised of several components bundled into four core offerings. Collectively, they provide a comprehensive solution for data transfer, protocol handling, and filtering for off-the-shelf network and security devices, ensuring the security of an organisation’s data. The all-encompassing TrustedFilter™ Appliance from 4Secure includes the complete TrustedFilter™ software suite.

TrustedFilter™ SECUREimpex

SECUREimpex provides an extensive set of components for performing granular content inspection and validation with data transformation across a range of application layer data protocols. Includes the capability to decrypt, verify and re-encrypt a data stream. Encompasses a full-featured performant file transfer application optimised for cross-domain environments. Components are platform agnostic can be installed on any Unix-based system, including a unidirectional appliance. 

TrustedFilter™ SECUREcommand

Enables inherently two-way, bi-directional TCP applications which rely on request-response architecture to operate via two physically separate unidirectional flow control appliances. Can be installed directly onto a unidirectional appliance or flanking systems.

TrustedFilter™ SECUREconnect

Facilitates transfer of AMQP and MQTT messages across a segregated one-way link. Can be installed onto a unidirectional appliance or a flanking system.

TrustedFilter™ SECUREstream

Screen casting application for securely monitoring and sharing a device screen from a low-security domain to a high-security domain, featuring content validation and malware detection.

TrustedFilter: A UK Sovereign Capability

As a UK Sovereign capability, TrustedFilter is trusted by the UK Government and Ministry of Defence as of vital importance to national security and the UK’s strategic interests.

Cross-Domain Solutions enabled with TrustedFilter™

Command and Control

Secure File Import

Secure Browse Down

Secure Video Transfer

Content Disarm and Reconstruction

OPC Data Transfer

Splunk Data Transfer

Logrhythm Data Transfer

TAK Data Transfer

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