File Transfer TrustedFilter™ with SECUREimpex

4Secure’s TrustedFilter™ file transfer, is a high performance, cross-platform file transfer application that has been designed to integrate with TrustedFilter™ unidirectional hardware to shape a comprehensive cross-domain solution. High-assurance cross domain solution for file transfer between networks. TrustedFilter is innovative alternative to traditional Sheep Dip.

Enabling TrustedFilter™ Applications

TrustedFilter™ SECUREimpex

  • Install directly onto a TrustedFilter™ unidirectional gateway, or flanking system.
  • Run as a service to provide an automated experience.
  • Configured & managed through an easy-to-use GUI.
  • Secure credential-container for application specific, authenticated file-transfer.
  • Supports Mirroring of directories, or ‘Send and Delete’ configuration.
  • Install on Linux or Windows.
  • Engineered to support high-throughput 24/7 enterprise environments.
  • Multiple File Transfer modes available, including scheduling options.
  • Pre-processing engine to enable user-defined filtering.

How does it work? Step-by-Step

1). A file is received in a monitored directory on the flanking source system, referred to as a ‘Watcher’.

2). Upon receipt, the file is forwarded to the TrustedFilter™ unidirectional flow control device in a raw TCP stream, using a pre-defined IP address and specified port.

3). The TrustedFilter™ unidirectional flow control device terminates TCP/IP and transforms data into non-routable cells of data in FPGA. The core data payload is transported via unidirectional optical fibre.

4). The data payload of the file is reassembled in FPGA into a TCP stream and sent to a pre-defined destination IP address on a specific port.

5). TrustedFilter™ File Transfer facilitates the receipt and delivery of the file to a specified directory on the destination system, referred to as a ‘Receiver’.


Example of a watcher created on a Windows Server on the source network. In this case a folder located at C:\4SFT is being monitored by TrustedFilter™ file transfer. The file is then sent to on port 5000.


Example of a receiver created on a Windows Server on a destination system. Port 5000 is being monitored for files being sent to the server, which are then delivered to C:\4SFT-Receive folder.

Command Line Interface Configuration

For environments without a GUI, configuration can be performed by editing a JSON configuration file.

Enabling Components

Data Diodes

A unidirectional flow control component (Data Diode) is utilised to enforce the one-way flow of data and perform a protocol break.

The all-encompassing TrustedFilter™ Appliance

For high-throughput use cases of upto 10gbps, or where lots of compute power is required, 4Secure adopt the TrustedFilter™ Appliance to implement this solution. The all-encompassing extensible appliance consists of a unidirectional gateway and incorporates the full TrustedFilter™ software suite to handle multiple data flows. Bi-directional model also available.

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