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TAK Server Federation

4Secure has delivered a TAK server federation bidirectional Cross-Domain Solution to enable devices/endpoints/personnel in different security classifications that would normally be disconnected to collaborate with each other and share information.

The Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) is a software suite designed for military and public safety users to enhance situational awareness, communication, and coordination in the field. TAK is used by various military branches, government agencies, and first responders. TAK is designed to be interoperable, allowing users from different organisations and units to share information seamlessly. It supports a variety of data types, including maps, imagery, and geospatial information, to improve the common operational picture and enhance decision-making capabilities in the field.

The Federation of TAK Servers allows geospatial awareness, position tracking, and mission planning among TAK clients. Challenges arise when clients like endpoints, vehicles, and personnel are outside the usual network boundary but still need to communicate to enable desired capability. 4Secure has developed a bidirectional solution to enable TAK server federation across network boundaries, thus allowing for comprehensive TAK capability between clients across networks. 

Enabling TrustedFilter™ Applications

TrustedFilter™ SECUREcommand

Enables inherently two-way, bi-directional TCP applications which rely on request-response architecture such as HTTPS, to operate via two physically separate unidirectional flow control appliances

TrustedFilter™ SECUREimpex

  • Performing syntactic & semantic verification
  • Granular HTTP Request Verification
  • XML / JSON Schema Validation
  • Terminate TLS, verify raw data payload, then re-establish HTTPS

Enabling Components

Data Diodes

A unidirectional flow control component (Data Diode) is utilised to enforce the one-way flow of data and perform a protocol break.

The all-encompassing TrustedFilter™ Appliance

4Secure adopted their TrustedFilter™ Appliance to implement this solution. The all-encompassing extensible appliance consists of a unidirectional gateway, the full TrustedFilter™ software suite and boasts considerable computational power to effectively host the Cogent DataHub software. Bi-directional model is also available.

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