TrustedFilter™ Appliance

The all-encompassing TrustedFilter™ appliance stands as the epitome of Cross Domain Solutions, offering high- throughput and a wealth of computational prowess to host the full TrustedFilter™ software suite all within a single appliance.

TrustedFilter™ Appliance

The TrustedFilter™ appliance is a true 10Gbps EAL4+ unidirectional data guard and information gateway, a full featured cross domain solution. Utilising a 4Secure hardened Linux operating system and TrustedFilter™ content handlers and inspection techniques, TrustedFilter™ appliances provide high throughput, concurrent data channels for multiple data streams with robust business validation rules, enabling the secure import and export of data.

Built using the highest specification COTS Dell server solution, TrustedFilter appliance empowers data verification and secure transfer pipelines several orders of magnitude beyond other cross domain offerings available. Features a EAL4+ 10GBPS data diode card set, all within 2U rack-mountable appliance.

TrustedFilter Appliance+ Bi-Directional model also available, combines the components of 2 x TrustedFilter Appliances with TrustedFilter SECUREcommand software to deliver full bi-directional capability.

Includes the complete TrustedFilter™ Software Suite

The TrustedFilter™ appliance includes the complete TrustedFilter™ Software Suite, providing complete data transfer, handling and filtering solution to secure your data while delivering maximum performance and capability.

Cross-Domain Solutions enabled with TrustedFilter™

Command and Control

Secure File Import

Secure Browse Down

Secure Video Transfer

Content Disarm and Reconstruction

OPC Data Transfer

Splunk Data Transfer

Logrhythm Data Transfer

TAK Data Transfer

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