Command and Control

A bidirectional command and control cross-domain solution enables real-time information sharing between disparate systems, which is crucial for enabling an organisation’s capability and efficiency of an organisations and the systems they support.
4Secure has delivered complex solutions to enable extensive command and control bidirectional capability, bolstered with security enforcing functions to ensure all data has undergone granular verification to meet a strict set of business validation rules, before being delivered. Utilising TrustedFilter™ software and third-party integrations, 4Secure successfully handled an array of open standard & bespoke data protocols presented by range of different endpoints.

In operational environments, this solution facilitates the seamless transfer of full motion video, sensor feeds, geospatial, and positional data into a higher classification system, empowering operators to generate real-time tasks. Outbound data flows provide operators with command and control capabilities over endpoints and the flexibility to initiate tasks on systems residing outside their usual network boundary. The solution’s security measures also ensure that COTS systems can be controlled, and their sensor data accessed from higher classification networks securely.

Enabling TrustedFilter™ Applications

TrustedFilter™ SECUREcommand

Enables inherently two-way, bidirectional TCP applications which rely on request/response architecture such as HTTPS, to operate via two physically separate unidirectional flow control appliances

TrustedFilter™ SECUREimpex

  • File transfer with enhanced content inspection performing file-type and manifest checks
  • Performing syntactic & semantic verification
  • Granular HTTP Request Verification
  • XML / JSON Schema Validation
  • Terminate TLS, verify raw data payload, then re-establish HTTPS

TrustedFilter™ SECUREconnect

Handles comsuming and producing AMQP/MQTT messages across a unidrectional appliance

Enabling Components

Data Diodes

Unidirectional flow control components (Data Diodes) utilised to enforce flow control in each direction and perform a protocol break.


4Secure successfully integrated with 2IC to handle processing, verifying, and transporting data from autonomous endpoints which utilise DDS (Data Distribution Service) as their middleware protocol.

The all-encompassing TrustedFilter™ Appliance+

4Secure adopted their TrustedFilter™ Appliance+ to implement this solution. The all-encompassing extensible appliance consists of two unidirectional gateways, incorporates the full TrustedFilter™ software suite for data verification and protocol handling, while supporting multiple data flows with 10gbps available throughput.

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