Government, defence, security and organisations across the globe rely 4Secure’s expert cyber security consultancy, advice and best practice guidance to keep their data safe.

Cyber Security Research and Development

Gathering knowledge and understanding the art of the possible is key to making sound investments, particularly when solving existing problems or trying to establish better ways of working.

4Secure’s research and development team are Clients outsourced experts fully conversant in the latest cyber security technology, threats, and sectors.

4Secure’s in house team support clients by providing the intelligence needed to ensure informed decision making.

Cross Domain Research and Development

4Secure has operated in the cross-domain space for two decades. Knowledge of this arena and the sectors it covers are unrivalled.

Our clients are always looking to push the boundaries in what they can connect, or how they can consume data whilst maintaining the security they have become accustomed to

4Secure’s CDS team frequently provide research for clients to ascertain the possibilities

If the technology landscape can support the requirements; 4Secure’s R&D team can link it together to prove the concept. If the technology doesn’t exist, 4Secure’s UK sovereign development team and specialist partners can engineer the ideal solution to fit your organisational needs

Cyber Security Solution Architecture

4Secure can support and resource your entire planning, design, testing and implementation of secure network infrastructure, whether designing and deploying new systems or retro fitting existing architectures,

4Secure’s expert team can install packaged or custom solutions to specific design requirements and meet your data and security needs. 4Secure provide an end-to-end service, from initial system design to ensuring a smooth accreditation and approval process.

Cross-Domain Security Architect

4Secure’s wealth of experience in the cross-domain space, ensures their delivery of design services for cross-domain solutions. 4Secure capture your requirements from both a functionality and security standpoint and utilise the best of breed hardware and software that meets you’re your operational and environmental standards.

4Secure engage suppliers on your behalf to run proof of concept architecture in a lab environment or deploy straight to the live environment.

Architecture design coupled with IA consultants’ knowledge to assist with any accreditation process.

Information Assurance

Information assurance and cyber security is largely a balancing act between protection and functionality. Generally, as functionality increases, more security is required so finding the correct balance between system functionality and the required level of security to ensure your data is kept secure.

As a security business, 4Secure are experts at assessing and managing risks, balancing functionality against the threats imposed internal and external actors.

Our IA team has over 100 years of combined experience, gained working with the most security conscious organisations protecting national security, valuable and critical data. The team has evolved to understand the ever-growing needs of our clients and threats surrounding them.

Our IA team are on hand to embed themselves within your organisation, or work with internal client teams to ensure they have a deep understanding of the threats present both now and in the future. A skill many claim, and few have.

Digital Forensics

4Secure’s digital forensics team have supported multiple investigations leading to criminal prosecution, or the unwrapping of a cyber incident.

If the worst should happen, part of any incident response process, or criminal investigation requires the analysis of digital devices, 4Secure can provide deep analysis of your hardware to understand how an attack occurred and what was affeccted

4Secure have a cutting-edge laboratory at a secure Midland’s facility, so the team is on hand to act quickly in any event, and provide expert support from incident up to suppling an expert witness..

Cyber Security Certification

With supply chain being one of the easy targets in today’s cyber threat landscape, the need to prove technology, policies, practices and procedures to customers becomes ever important when winning new business or maintaining contracts.

ISO9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials all go towards building and maintaining client relationships. For many organisations these heavy titles can still be daunting and require supporting guide to assist them through.

4Secure provides that assistance, guiding organisations through the complexities of getting accredited.

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