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DRaaS and BaaS Providers – TrustedFilter, Your New Competitive Differentiator

Simplify Your Secure Off-Site Backups

Many organisations while adopting DRaaS/BaaS and remote backup technologies to reduce the traditional issues with taking off-site backups, still revert to this as an extra measure employing services like Iron Mountain to store off site air-gapped copies of their data.  

 While this ‘belt and braces’ approach to backup is commendable to secure an organisation’s most prized assets, it means wallet share that could belong to innovative DRaaS and BaaS providers is left firmly in the realm of tape vendors and tape storage providers, negating some elements of MTR when customers have to turn to their air-gapped tape backups. 

 Until now DRaaS and BaaS service providers have not been able to offer a truly competitive solution to the traditional tape and location based air-gap, but rather a complementary one.  

 On top of this we have to deal with the issues of backup integrity and file immutability, impacting both traditional tape solutions as well as more modern and dynamic DRaaS and BaaS services.  How do we know we aren’t backing up idle malware that is waiting for its wake command upon restore?

Traditional security vendors are typically looking for the threats running though the firewall. It’s a black box technology and while we know they capture most threats; we almost never know what does get through until it is too late.  

Trusted Filter: A Trusted Solution for DRaaS and BaaS Providers

TrustedFilter from 4Secure revolutionises the DRaaS and BaaS markets; increasing wallet share by providing a truly air-gapped solution in a similar way data diodes can, but in a cloud native environment and by using the most advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology available today to ensure data integrity at every step of the backup and recovery process.

Today this technology is used by Government and Defence and complies with NCSC guidelines and NIS2 requirements to give your customers additional security and peace of mind.

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