How to ensure your OT/IT integration is secure

Benefits of OT/IT Integration

No matter what drivers and initiatives you have for integrating OT/IT, a secure solution to protect the OT environment is the consistent underlying requirement for organisations to ensure the OT environment is protected

Improve Supply Chain  System Early Warning  Six Sigma/Lean 
BI/Analytics  Remote Maintenance  Remote Updates 
Machine Performance  SOC Integration  Automation 
Remove/Reduce Silos  Performance Uptime  Emission Reporting  

Realising the benefits of this integration is often easier said than done, with multiple compliance requirements and the need to ensure that the OT network remains secure and operational

Trusted Filter: A Trusted Solution

Manufacturers are turning to TrustedFilter® to ensure that the benefits of OT/IT integration are achieved securely. TrustedFilter® helps organisations realise these benefits by, where required, providing physical or logical separation and granular data validation, ensuring that only ‘known-good’ data is able to pass between zones that have been identified in risk analysis.

Working across a large range of protocols TrustedFilter® is rapidly becoming the OT security choice of manufacturers around the world.

To find out more about the TrustedFilter® Suite including the TrustedFilter® Appliance. 

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