Next level protection for your SOC with TrustedFilter - 4Secure

Next level protection for your SOC with TrustedFilter

SOC As A Target

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) is increasingly becoming a focal point for cyberattacks due to its critical role in the cybersecurity infrastructure of organisations. As the central hub where all monitoring, analysis, and response to security threats occurs, the SOC holds and accesses vast amounts of sensitive information and controls security processes. Attackers target SOCs not only to steal sensitive data but also to undermine their ability to detect and respond to attacks, potentially crippling the entire security posture of an organisation.

Data Assurance

As the protectors of the business, to detect and respond to threats, SOCs need to have full confidence that the data they are receiving into the SOC is valid and coming from the original source, be that agents or API data collectors in the case of infrastructure that cannot have an agent installed, such as switches, firewalls and legacy compute.  

If you don’t have reliable data coming into the SOC, then all the investment, all the skill, knowledge and experience of the SOC amount to nothing.  Imagine yesterday everything was fine, and today it is not, but a bad actor is replaying data into the SOC from yesterday!  You would not know anything was wrong – and we are yet to find a SIEM that can identify this. 

But Firewalls!

While firewalls are a foundational security measure for network defence, they are not infallible, especially against more sophisticated threats and zero-day attacks. Recent incidents, such as those involving the Volt

Typhoon campaign, demonstrate how attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in common security implementations, including VPNs. These attackers utilise “living off the land” techniques to bypass firewalls undetected by using legitimate tools and processes maliciously. Such tactics highlight the need for more comprehensive security measures that go beyond traditional firewalls. 

This year alone we have seen successful attacks against all the major vendors including Fortinet, Cisco and Palo Alto Networks to name just a few. 

Ultimately, firewalls are looking for the threats running though the firewall. It’s a black box technology and while we know they capture most threats, we almost never know what does get through until it is too late.

Trusted Filter: A Known Good

Trusted Filter from 4Secure turns this traditional approach to security on its head by looking for ‘Known Good’.  We know what should be getting through to the SOC so we only let that through and make sure everything else is dropped.   

Today this technology is used by Government and Defence SOCs and complies with NCSC guidelines, NIS 2 requirements.

If you would like to discuss this with one of our SOC security experts, please complete our fill in the contact form or call today on 0800 043 0101  

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