Data Diodes

4Secure offers the most flexible line of data diode cyber security products available. Customers can choose from the appropriate hardware platform, which includes a base software package, and then select optional add-on software modules (at an additional cost) to meet their solution needs.


Scalable data diode to meet growing bandwidth demands


 Low-cost, high security and scalable data diode device

Communication Cards

Secure bespoke card sets from Owl


Ruggedised solution for airborne, ground, and naval assets

Find the Right Diode for Your Needs

Not sure which data diode is best for your needs? Use our data diode calculator to find out which data diode will provide the bandwidth you require.

TrustedFilter™ Software Suite

4Secure’s TrustedFilter Software Suite is comprised of a number of unique modules bundled into one complete data transfer, handling and filtering solution for off-the-shelf network and security devices.

Secure and optimize your data transfer with 4Secure’s TrustedFilter™ Software Suite. Enable actionable intelligence and insights to enhance your organisational security with a suite of modules focussed on providing easy data transfer and filtering across a range of complex security devices. 

Supported Applications

Native applications supported by 4Secure Cross-Domain Solutions and TrustedFilter™ software.

Modbus Transfer


Log Forwarding

Performance Management


OPC Transfer


OSIsoft PI System Transfer

Screen Replication


Remote File Transfer


DNP3 Transfer


HTTP Transfer


Advanced Messaging Queueing Protocol

MQ Telemetry Transport

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