Cyber Security Training

We offer educational courses to improve your in-house cyber security culture. One of the biggest threats to your network or organisation is the risk that an insider will unknowingly or maliciously impact your IT system, resulting in a security incident. Cyber security training is vital for mitigating these concerns and raising the knowledge level of your stakeholders.

What is Cyber Security Training?

We want to protect your hardware, software and associated infrastructure, the data they contain, and the services they provide from intentional or accidental harm. It’s that simple. Cyber security training is all about instilling the right attitude in your people and arming them with the knowledge they need to stay alert, mitigate threats and follow security procedures.

Cyber security training should be relevant to your business and cover the areas that matter most to your team. Examples of cyber security training topics include:


Risk management


Malware and attack technology


Security operations


Law and regulation


Privacy and online rights


Incident management


Human risk factors


Understanding adversarial behaviours


Web and mobile security

Who Needs Cyber Security Training?

It is now commonplace to educate personnel to reduce the risk of cyber security incidents through insider threat. As a business owner or senior IA practitioner, it is your responsibility to plug knowledge gaps and give staff the confidence to recognise potential issues before they arise.


Build Confidence

Get your team thinking strategically about cyber security

Elevate Best Practice

Build and maintain a robust and effective security culture

Normalise Cyber Training

Build digital learning into the foundations of your business

Reduce Your Risk Level

Train staff to recognise threats and respond accordingly

4Secure Solution

At 4Secure, we have developed a service that’s tailored to sit alongside your organisation’s existing training programs and introduces your staff to the topic of cyber security at beginner and advanced levels.

Many companies choose to procure ad-hoc training as and when it is required by employees. At 4Secure, we believe this leads to knowledge gaps and inconsistencies. Instead, we offer a managed cyber security training service that aligns with your industry’s specific subject matter, maps the associated risks, and feels ingrained in your staff training.

4Secure recognise the importance of people when building and maintaining robust and effect security cultures and behaviours and have developed a range of educational courses from simple cyber security awareness modules all the way to advanced learning for senior IA practitioners

Peter Hoinville

Managing Director, 4Secure

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Case Studies

To help you discover how our products, services and solutions work in action, we’ve put together some case studies and solutions detailing how our range of bespoke solutions provide full spectrum protection for your business.

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When it comes to the evaluating of our cyber security solutions, who better to ask than the people who made us? Discover what our customers say about our services and solutions.

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