Cyber Solutions for Supply Chain Security

Understanding Supply Chain Security

The vast majority of companies rely on suppliers to deliver goods, systems or services. However, supply chains can be long and complex, with many stakeholders playing a role at all stages and to varying degrees. This set-up means vulnerabilities are inevitable and could be exploited to cause damage, disruption or to facilitate theft.

Having a secure supply chain will improve the overall resilience of your business and limit the impact you have on your suppliers, and those who you supply, if the worst happens. Implementing supply chain security tactics can also demonstrate your compliance with regulations and inspire confidence and trust among your customers and business partners.

The Principles of Supply Chain Security

Map the Risks

Gather information about weak points and understand your risk areas.

Create Controls

Take a proactive approach to fixing areas of concern in your supply chain security.

Test Arrangements

Build confidence by testing your supply chain security measures and learning from them.

Set Goals

Be vigilant as threats change and build continual improvement into your business plan.

What is a Secure Supply Chain?

A secure supply chain recognises the threat of cyber-attack, fraud, theft and insider damage and has policies in place to mitigate these risks. This must consider your suppliers, the information they hold about your business and customers, as well as any third parties you work with like service providers, web domain hosting, digital agencies and data storage providers.

The following statements will be true for businesses with a secure supply chain:


You understand the risks


You know the full extent of your supply chain


You know the security policies your suppliers have in place


You’ve set minimum security expectations for your suppliers


You meet all the same expectations in-house


You respond to all incidences and share insights


You promote best practice every step of the way


You monitor the effectiveness of security measures in place

The Challenge

Very few UK businesses have set minimum security standards in place for their suppliers, which leaves them open to significant risk of cyber crime and other security incidents. Attacks on companies are becoming more sophisticated and even the slightest vulnerability can be exploited. Finding the time and resource to critically assess the breadth of your supply chain, implement security initiatives and monitor their effectiveness is becoming ever-more challenging.

4Secure Solution

4Secure has the appropriate skills to consult and advise on how to protect your supply chain. We have spent time and effort developing our own tried and tested secure supply chain method, which has been adopted by many businesses who trust us to manage the entire process on their behalf.

Our highly skilled team strive to understand your business model, uncover your supply chain and explore what information is shared along the way. We can then manage how best to protect this information and isolate your customers and suppliers from any potential breach. To do this, we have a clear three-level system.

4Secure Three Level System


4Secure is a reliable point of reference and available to consult on all supply chain issues.


We create and manage your supply chain process on your behalf.


We manage the supply chain process on behalf your business and selected suppliers to limit your exposure to risk.

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Case Studies

To help you discover how our products, services and solutions work in action, we’ve put together some case studies and solutions detailing how our range of bespoke solutions provide full spectrum protection for your business. 

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What Our Customers Say…

When it comes to the evaluating of our cyber security solutions, who better to ask than the people who made us? Discover what our customers say about our services and solutions.

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