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TrustedFilter™ SECUREconnect

TrustedFilter™ SECUREconnect enables data transfer capability of AMTP and MQTT in a unidirectional environment between networks. SECUREconnect enables a unidirectional appliance to be seamlessly implemented into Message Queue (MQ) architectures.

TrustedFilter™ SECUREconnect – Components

TrustedFilter™ has the capability to enable the seamless and secure flow of data on-demand between environments that would otherwise remain disconnected. Facilitating the movement of files and data across varying security classifications empowers organisations to bridge the gap, thereby enhancing user productivity and organisational efficiency.

TrustedFilter™ SECUREconnect enables data transfer capability of AMTP and MQTT in a unidirectional environment. With the provision SECUREconnect, a unidirectional appliance can be seamlessly implemented into Message Queue (MQ) architectures, without impacting on the connection aware producer-consumer environment.

MQ Handler

High speed transfer utility for integration of AMQP and MQTT into a cross domain environment.

  • Supports the full suite of queue and exchange types within a Message Queueing implementation.
  • TCP message transfer maintains fault tolerance at either side of the network boundary.
  • Simple installation and configuration scripts ensure portability and ease of integration into already existing Message Queue infrastructure.

OPC Connector

High-speed transfer utility to handle the integration of OPC data into a cross-domain environment.

  • Connects to OPC-Server on the source network to consume OPC data for transmission over a unidirectional appliance.
  • Once successfully transmitted across the network boundary, the application presents an OPC server on the destination network for OPC clients to connect too.

Verification Engine

Conducts granular verification of the data across domains, effectively acting as the gatekeeper to the boundaries.

  • Enables granular syntactic and semantic verification of JSON payloads within the MQ messages using pre-defined schemas.
  • Non-compliant data is quarantined to protect your network form malicious content.
  • Provides assurance and conformity checks to the data entering the protected network.

TrustedFilter: A UK Sovereign Capability

As a UK Sovereign capability, TrustedFilter is trusted by the UK Government and Ministry of Defence as of vital importance to national security and the UK’s strategic interests.

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