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4Secure report successful new cross-domain solution launch at DSEI 2023

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5 October 2023

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4Secure has reported a successful launch to their new cross-domain solution campaign, garnering an overwhelming response to their live on-stand demonstrations of a suite of new cross-domain solutions at DSEI 2023.

Throughout the 4 day event, from 12 -15 September in London’s ExCEL area 4Secure provided DSEI attendees the opportunity to take part in a number of live demonstrations of their flagship new solutions, utilising TrustedFilter software.

As part of these demonstrations, 4Secure focused on how their cross-domain solutions provide full-service turn-key remedies for real-world security issues by placing attendees within the context of everyday scenarios to provide an immersive perspective into the on-the-ground application.

Having spent 20 years providing software and hardware solutions to the defense and military sector, 4Secure is emerging as a platform agnostic integrator of cross-domain solutions. Their consultative approach to solutioneering enables them to deliver extendable modular solutions that meet the most challenging of client requirements, whilst empowering clients with the flexibility and scalability they require.

A lynchpin to 4Secure’s success is their proprietary TrustedFilter software, which provides automated and secure transfer of data between security classifications. Packaged as part of their various cross-domain solutions, TrustedFilter plays a key role in performing content inspection and validation across an array of data formats. This provides a powerful toolset for organisations to leverage in the protection of their most valuable data and digital assets.

Industry executives in the defence sector are continually seeking avenues to increase their operational efficiency by allowing users to have seamless on-demand access to their data. However, with such desires come inherent security risks which need to be mitigated. 4Secure have stayed ahead of the curve by deploying a “secure by design” approach, which they have developed throughout their previous incarnation as a hardware and software provider. Using their unique insight across both these aspects has enabled them to place security at the heart of the architecture of their cross-domain solutions, allowing services and features to be built and run upon a secure and stable foundation.

Responding to this increased desire for cross-domain solutions, Chief Commercial Officer, Adam Larman commented: “Gateways have always been a necessity of defence networks. The team at DSEI 23 has seen a growing need for these cross-domain solutions to deliver more and more capability. Thankfully TrustedFilter has been able to show how easy it is to integrate, bolster and enhance cross-domain solutions.

“It’s hard to define success with such big events, however, my team where overwhelmed with the interest from industry peers wanting to experience our capability. And in turn our peers were impressed we are answering their present and future technical challenges with our solutions. For us, a huge success and will go surely be recorded as the best DSEI to date.”

“Having attended DSEI since 2013, this show really solidified that our roadmap is delivering what defence clients need both today and tomorrow for their own success,” says Larman. “We’re already in the midst of following up on lots of the great conversations we had with new and existing clients and the team have busy diaries now taking these conversations to the next level.”

As part of their offering, 4Secure provides new clients a no-fee 30-days proof of concept process resulting in a complete overview of a 4Secure solution, catered to the clients particular requirements – completely free of charge.

With the trajectory of the industry, the ability to provide low barriers to proof of concept and the ownership of their trademark TrustedFilter software, it’s no wonder 4Secure’s presence at DSEI was ever more keenly felt.

4Secure’s growth provides a key insight into the future direction of the industry and puts them in an exclusive list of organisations at the vanguard of protecting our most valuable digital assets.

Visit our cross-domain solutions page to find out how you can connect your disconnected systems by deploying a cross-domain solution.

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