4Secure’s Portfolio of digital forensics keeps on growing!

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26 July 2017

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Jim’s provided us with a snippet of his weekly blog that he is due to share with us over the coming weeks;



The United Kingdom is one of the largest users of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in Europe. The challenge is when that footage is required quickly and in a forensically sound process. 4Secure can recover video footage from a comprehensive range of digital CCTV systems and provide a solution that is produced in a forensically and evidentially acceptable format. Our experienced forensic analysts will provide a video footage in both it’s native format and a format that is viewable through commonly available viewers. The footage will of course come with full report and, if required, the necessary legal documentation.



Internet of Things

In today’s connected world the possibilities of recovering potentially crucial data from the most obscure of devices are endless. The fridge that is connected – the coffee maker that is connected – the child’s toy that is connected – the television that is connected etc. etc…..  Traditional digital forensics does not apply to these devices, which is why 4Secure’s analysts apply a holistic approach to garnering the data that might be your smoking gun including: Chip-off, direct eMMC and logical analysis of individual circuits. 4Secure’s analysts present their findings in a high-level, easy to understand report to the standard that is accepted in UK Courts.



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